A Wild Rose Cottage
Owners:  Steed & Patsy Henderson
  2023 FM 1291
  New Ulm, TX  78950
  phone:  979-992-3833
  website: www.beansnbacon.com

  Anna Claire's Cottage Bed & Breakfast
  315 Cedar Lane, New Ulm, TX  78950
  Owners:  Oscar and Claire Turner
  phone:  713-825-9434
  website:  http://morgan-taylor1.wix.com/annaclairecottage

The Lovley House The Texas House  New Ulm Bed & Breakfast
Bonnie & David Schulz
  24745 Bastrop Street, New Ulm, TX  78950
  phone:  979-992-3324
  cell:  979-277-2202
  website:  www.schulznewulm.com
  Click here for Brochure (PDF)

 The Getaway at New Ulm
  New Ulm, TX 78950
  located on Pecan Street

  website:  www.thegetawaynewulm.com



Hickory Hill Country Inn  Hickory Hill Country Inn
  Within walking distance to downtown
Karen Dormois, Inn Keeper
  323 Hickory, P. O. Box 1268, New Ulm, TX  78950
  phone:  979-992-3455
  mobile:  281-782-9797 
  toll free:  888-321-8967
  website:  www.hickoryhillcountryinn.com

  KO Guest Haus
  William D. & Debra Kollman
  1469 McElroy Lane, Frelsburg, TX
  phone:  979-277-2008
  website:  www.koguesthaus.com

Restored Antique 1890 Farm House
  25049 Aurich Road, New Ulm, TX  78950
  Richard and Patty Legler, owners
  phone:  713-304-2129
  website:  www.1890farmhouse.com

  Taylor Street Cottage
  649 Taylor Street
  New Ulm, TX  78950
  cell:  832-260-2526

  Bluebonnet Cabins

  website:  www.bluebonnetcabins.com

  Bluebonnet Cabins:  Curly Q Cabin and Lily Ponds Cottage on Curly Q Ranch Refuge, a  
  wildlife sanctuary in New Ulm, TX.  Contact Linda 713-822-5038 [AT&T Cell] for 
  information and bookings.